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Most agencies will tell you a hotel website is a digital business card. Whilst this is true, your website should more importantly be your biggest source of revenue.

As the world continues to transition online, your business should be doing the same. A hotel website ultimately defines success online and must create lasting memories in the users mind. Supporting your hotel website with relevant ad-models will complete your web set-up.

What we've done

Previous Website Projects

How we do it

Our approach

We understand your hotel website is vital to your overall business success. All of our website projects are accompanied by a dedicated Online Marketing expert that specializes in hotel websites and guides any given project from first contact to the final product. Throughout our hotel website projects we aim to achieve an independence from agencies for clients, such that the majority of the website can be managed by the client following the completion of the project.


Web Design

The ultimate online business card for your hotel. Learn more about different Web-Designs that will help to drive your business.


Website Content

What matters is what's inside. We'll help you to customize your Hotel Website for exactly the needs and target groups your business has.



Communication is key. Keeping the conversation local by making your hotel website attractive to various language audiences.



Your Online Visibility is key in defining where and how your hotel is found and booked by clients. Make sure you're on top of the list.


Corporate Identity

Showcase your hotel and grow your online reach. Implement your Corporate Identity into your personalized Website.


Open Source

We are using a CMS software that allows you to change and adapt parts of your Website by yourself once the Website is ready.

Websites matter more than ever. Your hotel website differentiates you from your competitors, including OTAs.

What you're probably wondering

What kind of websites has hotelwebbee. produced?
We have worked with small individual properties as well as large hotel chains such as Accor, Grape Hospitality or Hilton. We look at the requirements for each project individually, no matter the size of the property or budget.

What makes hotelwebbee. different to other Online Marketing companies?
Our team combines hospitality with online marketing, as our team members are experienced in both worlds. We provide hotels with the unique opportunity to have all their Online Marketing efforts, whether it is Social Media, the website or online ads, managed by one agency.

What technology does hotelwebbee. use for its websites?
The time of complicated HTML coding for every website, regardless of it's requirements is over. Our team uses easy to understand open source Content Management Systems (CMS), allowing clients to manage their website themselves after being completed.

Will hotelwebbee. create something different and unique for my hotel to stand out?
Yes, all of our Web-Designs are individual designs based on the concepts and needs of the specific property. You can choose between a variation of design layouts which will then be further customized for you specificly.