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social media.

With more than 3 billion worldwide social media users of which approximately 450 million are located in Europe, achieving success in the target groups relevant to your hotel has never been more important. We help you to develop authentic content fit for social media platforms Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, WhatsApp, LinkedIn (and more!) to make you stand out online. Using our valuable experience, we assist you in reaching your target group and convert those reaches into sales. For any social media challenges you might be facing, we offer a solution.


Our social media world.

A quick overview of all social media methods and activities that we can offer you.

Content Creation

Your social media world stands and/or falls with the quality of the content you are willing to create for your users. We help you to create content tailored to your hotel, more information can be found here.

Influencer Relations

Influencers can be an ideal multiplier for your brand and give you access to new customer segments. We will make sure that you work with influencers at the right conditions and that your company becomes more targeted.

Community Management

We interact and communicate with your followers and make sure that you can take care of your guests in the hotel.

Campaigns & Advertisements

“Organic reach is dead” is a current trend in the social media sector. To keep your reach growing, we create creative advertising campaigns and messages, and publish them.

Event activation

Your event must reach maximum digital range so that the effort you put into it is worth it. With our work, we ensure that your event is digitally perceived via social media, influencers, digital press and other creative solutions.

Crisis communication

The modernity of the Internet brought with it numerous advantages and challenges. Crisis communication and communication in difficult entrepreneurial phases should not be left to chance, but to us.

Social Media Management

From editorial planning to strategy and statistical evaluation – we bring the famous red thread into the social media channels of your hotel.

Regular questions.

  • Which social media platforms are you maintaining?

    Every digital platform can be maintained by us. You would like to extend your Instagram or Facebook appearance? Or start a YouTube channel? We support you and look after your digital appearance according to your wishes and ideas.

  • Are you also responsible for content creation or do I have to deliver it by myself?

    That is up to you. We have a team of photographers and content creators with adequate experience and who are setting your company in a perfect scene according to all social-media rules. We can also filter out new storytelling aspects and can place them for you in the right angle. You love to take interesting pictures, which we should use to tell your community an interesting story? Nothing easier than that! We check your pictures and let you know what we would say.

  • How does the maintenance of social media channels look like?

    We are very happy to take over the entire maintenance of your channels, communicate with potential and previous guests and start building a community. We should only take over a small part of all tasks. That is totally fine! Let’s chat together, so we can receive a better picture of your expectations regarding our cooperation.

  • Which social media channel fits my company?

    The amount of various social media platforms is currently very high. However, the direction of these platforms could not be more different, even if the percentage is limited to only a few relevant and important players. We are confident that we can find adequate platforms for your company and that we will make the right decision based on our experiences and your target group.